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Here at Fragrance of Elegance, we believe fragrance should succinctly reflect one's style and foster therapeutic wellness. This is why each of our premium one-of-a-kind scents has been personally hand-picked and developed with careful testing in addition to skilled artistry. Featuring luxurious blends that ignite romance, energize, calm and reduce stress, our exclusive collection of handmade candles as well as bath and body products offers something for everyone, for every season and for every mood. At F.O.E. we have set out to deliver fragrances made out of only the highest quality eco-friendly materials. So that you can enjoy the aromatic benefits of our world renowned scents, bask in the revitalization of our bath and body products, and whimsically gaze at the exquisite artistry and craftsmanship.


Body Butter

 F.O.E.'s deliciously decadent body butter is the ultimate moisturizer! our body butters are Raw organic Shea butter based with organic therapeutic oils rich in vitamin E, protecting your skin from harmful free radicals and sun exposure. 

Our creamy body butter easily absorbs into the skin, beautifully scents, softens and promotes healthy moisturized supple skin.


Body Butter (9 items)

Burning Oil

Premium essential fragrance oil blends for; burners, fragrance lamps and diffusers.

Burning Oil (8 items)

Coconut Milk Soap

Our All natural F.O,E coconut milk soap is hand crafted and designed to cleanse and hydrate your skin. 

specific benefits

F.O.E. coconut milk soap is designed into a rose shape to provide the option of a therapeutic massage during use. Coconut milk is a strong source of vitamin E which is vital to skin health as well as antioxidants which can slow down ageing, Coconut milk hydrates the skin and can reduce inflammation in the skin.

something smells good

This all natural daily skin therapy is saturated in delectable scents that provide dynamic aromas for daily therapeutic benefits. 

how to enjoy

This soap can be used as a facial cleanser, a shower soap, or a hand soap, 

Coconut Milk Soap (6 items)

Facial care

Facial care (6 items)

Herbal Tea candle

All Natural creamy candles infused with essential oils, herbs and flowers. These candles feature a double cotton core wicks with over 100 hrs clean burn time. Ignite your senses and relax with these elegant candles. 

Herbal Tea candle (5 items)

Lotion Candles

Have You ever Heard of a Lotion Candle??!

"Lotion Candles.... are Candles that you can Burn and use as a Moisturizer."

Candles Have been around for Thousands of years tracing back to their ancients roots as hand made torches. We at F.O.E. Candles would like to add flair to the candle and fragrance experience by adding something unique to what has been a surprisingly slow evolution of candle enjoyment.

Our handcrafted  ALL-NATURAL Lotion Candles are made of High quality Soy-Coconut wax and exceptional essential fragrance blends completed with cotton core wicks to ensure Eco-friendly and clean burning, .

Once the wax is melted, EXTINGUISH THE FLAME and use the candle as a moisturizer and massage oil.

Each candle has approximately 72-91hrs of burn time with proper candle etiquette. 

Lotion Candles (12 items)

Luxury Scented Lotion Candles

Our Creamy Soy Coconut Lotion Candles are handcrafted and made with ALL-NATURAL high quality soy and coconut wax with exceptional essential fragrance blends. Our cotton core wicks ensure Eco-friendly and clean burning giving you an excellent candle experience.

Once the wax is melted, EXTINGUISH THE FLAME and use the candle as a moisturizer and massage oil. 

Each candle has approximately 72-91hrs of burn time with proper candle etiquette 

Luxury Scented Lotion Candles (0 items)

Pastry Candles

 Butterflysie Candles are the perfect gift and conversation starter. Not only are They adorable and  fun to look But they are Very aromatic and delicious smelling.

 Made with all natural proprietary Blends of Soy wax and deliciously, realistic fragrance Blends that bring to life every artistic theme we offer. Butterflysie Pastry Candles are the very way that We at F.O.E Candles make ordinary candle wax into canvases as we express our perception of  fragrances into 3D works or art.   

Instructions: This candle will burn a minimum of 50 hours. Trim the wick and place on a small plate or saucer before lighting. Burns like a typical Pillar candle and may experience a slight drip along the back. Never leave candles unattended and keep out of reach of children and animals,

Fragrance Of Elegance

F.O.E. Candles

Pastry Candles (12 items)

Raw Organic African Black Soap

Raw organic African Black Soap is made in Ghana West Africa and is well known for its ability to deeply cleanse and gently exfoliate the skin. It also hails for its  antioxident richness and ability to repair and protect the skin. 

Helps remove or prevent break outs, dry skin, eczema, skin discoloration, bumps, acne, razor bumps, oily skin, wrinkles, fine lines and can be used as a shampoo.

Raw Organic African Black Soap (3 items)

Sugar Scrub

Our all natural hand crafted sugar scrub is the perfect skin care regimen! 

Our Scrubs are natural cane sugar based exfoliates immersed in essential oils, oats and vitamins. This can be applied to the entire body to do away with dead and dry skin. Our scrubs promote circulation, and also soften and accelerate renewal for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. 




Sugar Scrub (8 items)

Therapeutic Body Oil

All natural organic Roll-on  body oil made with therapeutic essential oils and herbs to promote healing, stress relief and well-being.

Therapeutic Body Oil (10 items)

Therapeutic soap



Our Coconut Milk Soaps are hand crafted and made from scratch in small batches using all-natural, sustainable,non-toxic and animal free ingredients. High in vitamin C and copper which helps maintain elasticity of skin, prevents wrinkles and age spots. 

Our Coconut Milk Soaps also feature creamy rich and decadent lathers that nourish your skin as it cleans!

Therapeutic soap (8 items)


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Hi I’m Tangie (tan-gee) Your Chandler, blogger and creative designer of Fragance of Elegance. To me candles are multifaceted, they’re elegant and scented, they add dimensions to your home decor, they enhance romantic encounters and over all there’s genuine artistic quality to them. When I make candles it starts with a vision. Then with careful hands and thoughtful design I bring my vision to life. When people see my candles I want them to feel like they’re seeing something for the first time and getting to know me simultaneously. I want to take candles where they have never gone before and when I write a blog post, make a video, or teach a candle making class that’s me taking you inside my journey and passion for making candles and showing the beauty in subtlety.
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