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  • Pink Melon Sugar Scrub - Fragrance of Elegance
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Fragrance of Elegance

Pink Melon Sugar Scrub

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F.O.E. sugar scrubs are the perfect all-natural skin care regimen and can be used over your entire body.

specifc benefits

F.O.E. sugar scrub is blended with natural cane sugar exfoliates immersed in theraputic essential and fragrant oils, oats and viatmins. Our scrubs remove dead skin, promote circulation, softens skin texture, treats dryness, and accelerates the renewal process for  healthy, rejuvenated, glowing skin.

someone smells good

 This all natural daily skin thearapy is drenched in delectable scents that lightly perfume the skin. 

scent profile 

Pink Melon Sweet fruity tones of watermelon and strawberry, kiwi and sugary citrus fragrance Blend. You didn't even realize you had a favorite smell until now. (Pink Melon).